Frequently Asked Questions

Abacus Math Institute is located at 1486 W. 11th Street in Tracy California. We are on the first floor. AMI has a new provisional center at Wicklund Elementary School, Mountain House, CA. Mountain House center is open every Wednesday and Thursday.
This is a systematic skills development program in children from age 5 to 15 years. This mental math program utilizes unique math program using abacus to stimulate both sides of brain to promote overall development of self-learning skills.
Any child from age 5 to 15 can join the course. Child should be able to recognize and write numbers up to 20.
Our Class schedule is built around you. One 2 hour class is conducted every week between 3 pm to 8 pm.
There are a total of 10 Levels but all students do not have to go through all the levels. The total no of levels that a student has to undergo depends on what grade he/she is in and his/her proficiency with numbers.
One level is normally 10 - 12 weeks long. We also give makeup class if a student misses a class.
AMI is built around you, the Abacus students. We are open 7 days a week so that everyone can have access to AMI services. Our timings starts after school on from 3 PM – 8 PM. Homework is given and requires very little effort.
We use Abacus as a tool to enhance child’s mental capabilities. Student first learns mental activities using Abacus and then eventually he/she imagines Abacus in his/her mind to do the same operations thus enhancing his mental capabilities in the process. In our specially designed courses we focus on child’s mental development activities such as enhancing focus, accuracy, memory, intelligence, concentration, response time and analytical thinking, which in turn makes the child sharp.
Our especially designed course would help child in enhancing his mental capabilities and thinking process. Abacus is just a tool to achieve the goal of enhancing mental capabilities. In doing so, child also learns logical and analytical thinking thus solving math problems.
Tutoring centers in Tracy are not our competition. They are more focused on school curriculum, class work & homework based learning. They help in home work, reading, writing etc. At AMI, our courses focus on child’s mental development activities such as enhancing concentration, accuracy, imagination, memory, intelligence, focus, response time and understanding through visualization which in turn makes child mentally sharp. We focus on enhancing mental abilities of children so that they become successful in whatever they undertake.
Our curriculum is so designed that parents does not have to do much. We are not expecting the parents to know abacus. We expect parents to keep observing their children and see the positive changes in their mental abilities.
Not directly, but AMI’s specially design course helps your child to enhance his/her mental abilities which help him/her in all activities of life including school activities. The mental abilities that child learns from Abacus mental math is a life long gift.
Yes, we are already working on conducting various Abacus competitions at national and international levels. We will reveal the details as those get finalized.
We do not promise success overnight. This program is designed to enhance mental abilities which will stay with the child life long and it takes patience and perseverance to succeed. Generally parents should see progress in kids after completion of 3 to 4 levels. Some kids show result before others.
Children love to play and we encourage it. One component of our Abacus curriculum is mental games. Children are learning while playing mental games thus creating their interest in Abacus. Games are designed to improve their concentration, memory and relation abilities. Kids are able to relate things in a better way as they learn by visualization.
AMI is not a math teaching center. We use abacus as a tool to do various math activities which in turn helps child develop mental abilities which go far beyond then solving math problems. AMI program will help kids improve concentration, understanding through visualization and improved memory power.
Yes there is initial registration fee and we also run specials from time to time. Please contact out office for more details.
Yes, we do offer free classes. Your first two classes will be free. There is no obligation to join if you do not like the program.